Sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a physical copy of pictures to show people. Screens and digital media have their place in photography but nothing beats an old school album.

I recently used the services of to produce a photo album and thought I’d share a few thoughts on the process and end product.

For the easy option, check the video out.

In a quick and easy process, you download their creation software which guides you through choosing your album style and its content. There are plenty of options available for size, paper type, paper finish, page numbers and layout. Inputting and rearranging pictures is very easy and the software has lots of built in warning prompts to make sure you don’t mess it up. The final order and delivery process is rapid and I received mine swiftly (and safely packaged) within a few days.

The album itself was everything I’d hoped for. The pictures were reproduced exactly as I had them on screen; no altered contrast or colour and no loss  of resolution and definition. The book felt like a premium product to hold and look through. If I had one issue, it was with the binding on the front and back inside corners. These weren’t fully stuck down and seem to be the one point of the album which could damage with ease. Apart from this the production of it seems very high quality.

In summary:
– a really fantastic album for a fair price.
– a very simple creation and ordering process.
– a company who I would recommend and use again.





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